Travel information

To arrive in Liège

From Brussels National Airport

There is a train station in the airport. There is no direct train from the airport to Liège, it is necessary to change in Brussels or Leuven (check on the website:

In Liège, most trains arrive at Liège-Guillemins station. The easiest way to reach the conference venue is to take a connection to Liège-Palais station (there are 3 trains per hour). There is also a bus station in front of the train station (but it takes longer), as well as taxis.

From Brussels South Charleroi Airport

There is a shuttle from the airport to Charleroi-South train station. From there, there is a direct connection with Liège-palais station, at walking distance from the conference venue (check timetable on the website:

To reach the conference venue from Liège-palais station, please use the map in attachment. The ULg Opera complex is situated on Place de la République française. The entrance is just next to the Ibis hotel (there is a discrete Université de Liège sign).

Both hotels and the restaurant are at walking distance from the venue (see map).

Study trip on Wednesday 14th

The meeting point for the bus trip is on the map (in front of Sainte-Croix church); it will bring us to the case studies sites, to Maastricht, Genk, and finally drop us in Hasselt, at walking distance from the hotels.

Thursday 15th and Friday 16th

The venue for the discussions is the faculty of law of Universiteit Hasselt (Martelarenlaan, 42), at walking distance from the hotels (see map).

To go back to the airport from Hasselt

To Brussels National Airport

There is a direct connection from Hasselt station to the airport station.

To Brussels South Charleroi Airport

You have to go by train to Brussels (direct connection from Hasselt) and than

  • take a train connection to Charleroi South station, and from there a bus to the airport,
  • or take a shuttle bus at Brussels South station to the airport.

Have a nice trip!